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It is our commitment to farming without pesticides and chemical fertilizers. We are a small group of farmers who have come together to serve you gift obtained by churning nature.
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We have presented the best product for you, which will help you stay healthy and you will enjoy using it.
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Farming is our Hereditary occupation, with the passage of time it has changed from traditional farming to industrial farming. Industrial farming increases the production but reduces the quality and understanding this, we have chosen the natural way of farming.

Natural Farming

We are practicing natural farming which is also called as cow based farming because natural farming base compound is cow dung and cow urine.

No Pesticide

Cow based natural farming does not use any an insecticide or fungicides and pest control is done by a very natural way.

Chemical Free

No chemical fertilizer is used in cow based natural farming, only indigenous manure is used, so the product obtained from it is 100% chemical free.

Quality Matters

Naturally grown crops are rich in nutrients. Which is prepared with our constant care and through less machine process and best quality.

And of course its harvest is a gift of nature and we love to serve it to you.

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